Matt and Kayla In Providence [RI Engagement Photos]

Matt and Kayla are good friends of myself, Tara, and Ezra. You may remember Matt and Kayla from the blog awhile back when I posted some of their engagement photos. They weren't traditional engagement shots, but rather pictures of the actual engagement. We had all gone out to eat together and I brought my camera for when Matt popped the question. You can read about it here.

Anyways, it was time to do a regular engagement session, so we all (Matt, Kayla, myself, Tara, and Ezra - we're big on carpooling) got in the car and went to Providence one evening.

Matt was pretty anti-get-your-picture-taken and I think it was a little more difficult than normal because we weren't strangers. There's something that makes it easier with strangers I think than getting your picture taken by someone you know. Anywho, after the rocky start he loosened up and things went pretty smoothly.

Kayla was pretty natural in front of the camera. Their photographer will have a pretty easy job on their wedding day. Wait, it's not me? They didn't even hire me?! What kind of friends are these people? I guess being a groomsman rules you out of being the photographer. It's hard to take photos of the bridal party when you're in it.

The weddings coming up very soon. I won't be shooting it, but I will be bringing the Bluecube. It'll be at the Quidnesset Country Club. It's probably better off that I'm not shooting it since I got in trouble there at a wedding in the past. I went to shoot in some area where I wasn't supposed to go. I got called into the manager's office and got scolded. I already had the photos though, so the reprimand was worth it. Hopefully they don't recognize me in a tux.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Bluecube shots on the blog when it's over. Here's to the wedding...

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