real time engagement [proposal photos]

this was a first for me. usually engagement photos happen sometime after the actual proposal takes place. these were actually of the proposal. matt and kayla are good friends of myself and tara. matt came by one saturday morning and showed me the ring, explained the plan, and asked if i would take some snapshots of the proposal. i said yes, and tried the ring on - it was very emotional. his plan was for the four of us to go out to eat at the locals, a cool little restaurant in north providence where the menu changes every couple weeks depending on what food is available (all their ingredients are sourced locally, hence the name). it's pretty much our go-to restaurant when we go out, so the idea was for kayla not so suspect anything weird.

matt called ahead and had them make kayla's favorite dessert, which was some type of white cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries. they actually ended up making a ridiculously oversized cupcake type thing, as can be seen in the pictures below.

as the band played (there is live music most weekend nights), tara and i took ezra over to watch them so we wouldn't awkwardly be sitting there during the proposal. the waitress brought out the crazy cake, which on the same plate contained the ring in one of the flower petals. once matt found the ring, he dropped to his knee, presumably said "will you marry me?", and i charged the table while haphazardly mashing shutter button with my speedlight pointed who-knows-where and bouncing off who-knows-what. technically, it was not my most shining performance as a photographer due to the secret nature of the situation. i'm just glad people don't have surprise wedding ceremonies.

so here are some shots, in chronological order, starting at the knee-drop. you may be wondering why some of the pictures are weird shapes... that's what happens when you have to crop out ezra's high chair and his collection of food scraps that he launched onto the floor. that juxtaposition just wasn't working out. congratulations to matt and kayla. keep on the lookout for a more normal engagement session of these two in the near future.

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