riley - year two

i took riley's one year photos last year and met up with bob and jen in a remote field someplace that i can't even remember the city it was in. that blog post is here if you'd like to brush up on your riley history.

this year riley was on her feet walking around. she shy at first, not really being able to recall in her long-term memory at two years old and remember who i am. i brought a greeting gift of a few balloons, hoping that would break the ice between the two of us that's formed over the last twelve months of no communication. i think it helped a little.

although riley was bigger than last time, she was still small as far as human beings go. observe in the photo below.

we ran around the streets of providence using whatever showed up that looked good. jen and bob has prepped riley for the photoshoot and had been referring to me as "mr. flash" to riley, so that's what she knows me by. mister flash. i might put that on my new business cards.

as a dad myself, i'm really partial to this shot.

we spent a good deal of time shooting and riley was a good sport until the very end. not sure if she was really feeling the moment right at this point in time though...

riley picked up a few part time hours as a security guard for whatever's behind this big door while we were in providence. she's pretty intimidating with the yellow balloon.

once in awhile riley would decide to just let loose on the sidewalk and break out in dance.

i leave you with a few of my favorites, looking forward to next year...

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