big riley little house

i recently took some shots of little riley down in bristol on some farm property. it was late in the afternoon and we caught some pretty cool sun angles.

we were able to go shoot down near some water, some tall grass, on a little bridge, in front of some stone walls, a wrought-iron gate, and a house the seemed like it was about half-scale.

i thought it was pretty cool to sit riley in front of the half-scale house. does it make the house look tiny or riley look big?

usually i don't bring any photos into photoshop unless i have some heavy stuff to do that i can't pull off in bridge/camera raw. for this session i spent some good time in photoshop, mainly erasing hands, arms and legs of jen and bob, a.k.a. mom and dad. since riley was a tiny bit too young to reliably hold herself up in a sitting position, we had to have backup closeby. i was pretty impressed with myself, i won't lie. since bob and jen were in and out of the frame a lot, i was bound to have caught their limbs in the photo.

i am proud to present limb-free photographs. this shot of riley in front of the fence was actually taken with bob behind the fence, his hands through the slats holding riley by her dress since she can't stand on her own (or at least couldn't at the time of the shoot). now that i pointed it out, you may be able to see remnants of my 'work'.

i think the shoot went well and i hope bob and jen will pull these photos out in ten or fifteen years and show riley. cool.

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