Southern New England Bridal Expo [Rhode Island Wedding Photography]

We are proud to announce to earth that we will be exhibiting at the Southern New England Bridal Expo this coming January.

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What does this mean for you? Not a whole lot if you're not an engaged (or soon to be engaged) person. What does it mean for me? It means three months of late nights, early mornings, lots of non-discretionary spending, a scattered brain, and bothering my gracious wife with endless "Should I" and "Do you think" queries.

This will be our first bridal show, as long as you don't count the fake one we signed up for in the past (see the blog post about that here and the news interview featuring yours truly right here). It's official, we're listed on the exhibitor section of the site:

Come visit us at our booth!

I'm finding out there is a ton more to bridal shows than signing up and showing up. I'll be putting up some posts of the prep work in the next week or so. A quick thanks to all the people who have already contributed some of their time and energy to getting ready for this show.

We are beyond excited to launch the new face of Blueflash at this show. I want to tell you about everything, but at the same time I don't want to give away the farm in a blog post. There are so many changes in the works right now as we refine our offerings to our Blueflash brides and revamp the Blueflash experience. I am talking total overhaul. No aspect of the studio is left unturned except for our commitment to provide you with awesome images.

More later.