Pasha, Olga, and Fiona [Rhode Island Family Photography]

You probably remember this crew from a few past shoots. I shot Fiona's pictures when she arrived here on earth awhile back. I also did some family photos of them that involved a faux hot air balloon and a little bit of Ezra. The other mini-shoot I did was Fiona's Father's Day gift to Pasha. Anyways, here is another round of family photos for this little family.

These guys always show up ready to have a photoshoot. They always dress well, bring good props, and are ready to take a thousand pictures. Well, Olga is anyway.

This time was no exception. They showed up with a wagon, suitcases, and a few other little props to use. We ended up shooting on some private property in North Smithfield. It was a miniature farm, but we stayed away from the animals because we're all city people and are lame.

Tara and Ez tagged along for this one. I always love the extra challenge of trying to get a picture without Ezra in it.

It was a grey day so I tried my best not get a lot of sky in the shots. Kind of tough, but grey is better than rain.

I really liked how this shoot came out. Check out the bigger album on Facebook here and check out the full album on the site here. Hope you guys enjoy your photos!

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