Kathleen and Zach [Newport RI Engagement Photography]

Kat and Zach are a magazine-cover-ready couple getting married in June of 2013. I asked them if they had anywhere specific they'd like to do their engagement photos and Kat suggested Newport, mainly because it was fitting for Zach who is an avid sailor. I was game for that since most shoots end up in the upper half of Rhode Island.

We met down near the end of Thames on what must have been the brightest, sunniest, most cloudless day in the history of mankind. I could've definitely used two pairs of sunglasses, one layered over the other. It was that bright. For those that know photography stuff, I think I shot 1/4000th at f/18 with ISO100 most of the day!

Kat and Zach took it like champs though, posing and smiling and ignoring the fact that their retinas were melting. We started near the water and took some classic Newport-y type shots, complete with sailboats and bridge backgrounds. After that we headed over to the town area and walked the street looking for interesting backdrops, of which there were plenty.

There was just a tiny bit of trespassing with this shoot. We encroached just a little onto some private yacht club dock to steal a few shots, but not as bad as some past shoots where fence jumping and things like that were involved.

I'd like to take this time to make a public service announcement: When you get married, choose to do an engagement shoot with your photographer! It's an awesome way for you and the photographer to get to know each other before the day of the wedding and it lets you get comfortable on camera.

I'm really looking forward to their wedding next year at The Dorrance in Providence.

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