Aimee and Ben [RI Engagement Photography]

When Aimee had gotten in touch with me about her wedding, she told me she lived in Chicago and was planning their wedding from afar. After a few more emails I had found out that her fiance, Ben, was an old buddy of mine from high school. Rhode Island...

We headed into the financial district of Providence to do their engagement shoot. You may have noticed that I end up shooting in Providence quite a bit. It's not a big city, but luckily I'm so bad at directions and have the worst memory on earth that each time I go there I find somewhere new to shoot. At least, new to me and my poor memory.

I'm feeling pretty confident that I haven't shot much around the financial district. I need to practice keeping my composure during shoots. I feel like it's borderline unprofessional to turn the corner, see an area that looks really cool, and then start proclaiming how great this spot is in mumble-speak over and over again until taking pictures in that location is over.

Aimee and Ben loosened up real fast and were super easy to take pictures of. We found this front wall of a building that was propped up by angled steel I-beams. I mean, how could I have not ever seen that before? I've lived here for 27 years.

I really like how these shots came out, as you might be able to tell from the more-than-usual amount of shots in this blog post.

There reception is going to be at Rhodes On the Pawtuxet over in Pawtuxet Village. I'm looking forward to it because it's a cool little town and I've never shot over there before. At least, not that I can remember...

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