The Aspiration Project - Sierra Barter

Awhile back I had alluded to a future project that Blueflash was going to undertake but I didn't give much detail. Well, here is the kickoff of it all, but before we get into it I want to explain a little. Blueflash has partnered up with the PVD Lady Project to create a series of short biographies that feature women in the Rhode Island area that are doing cool things. There is a questionnaire each woman fills out and then I take their photo to go along with their story. It's simple.

After announcing it to the PVD LP group, one of the women at Quill and Cursor talked with RISBJ (Rhode Island Small Business Journal) and got them interested in making it a regular feature in their monthly publication. Cool! I'll also be running them sporadically here on the Blueflash blog. The first one is Sierra Barter who is the co-founder of PVD LP. I'll let her tell you about herself below. Are you a lady in the Rhode Island area that wants to get involved? Email matt at blueflashphotography dot com and I can get you more information! Without further ado, I present to you Sierra:

What is your passion?
Organizing, interior design and styling. I love creating a space that not only is cute- but practical, too. It's hard for me to appreciate a space that's ONLY visually appealing- I need it to be practical and cozy, too.

What got you into it?
After I graduated college in '09, I entered a Quarter Life Crisis. After moving back home and then back to Providence and after (finally) having a "real" job, I needed something else to fuel my creativity and focus on other than work.

What quote inspires you and why?
A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

What is your business?
Clementine Lime is an interior styling + event design company focusing on local sustainability, simplistic efficiency and design-minded organization. (Blog)

What spurred the conversion from hobby to business? 
I always got this weird, fulfilling, joyful feeling after I cleaned a room or conquered a closet...I just LOVE to rerrange and organizing and shop around in my own home. I knew that not many other people got as happy to clean out a desk, so I offered to do it for them.

What are some challenges you've faced and how did you overcome them?
I used to have a business partner (she left about a year ago), and she did more of the event planning. Now that it's just me, I had to focus on MY strengths and what I felt comfortable bringing to the table. I had to get my confidence back.

How long have you been in business for?
Almost three years- it'll be our "anniversary" in November!

What's your ultimate goal/where would you like to be in five years? 
I would love to have more clients and organize more office. Organizing is my favorite, and I love being able to help people get a better sense of where their things are and where items should be.

I am not sure where I'll be in 5 years. Right now, I love that CL is fun and it's not what I "have to" do every day. I love being an employed-preneur!

What's the best advice you can give to someone contemplating turning their love into their livelihood?
Just do it - you have to try. And, don't quit your day job right takes a lot of time (and patience). Even if you're not exactly where you want to be right away, give it time and work hard. 

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