Steph, Bryan, and Emmit [RI Family Photography]

How do I begin this one? First, a short history lesson...

Steph contacted me (what seems like) way back to shoot her maternity photos. She and Bryan were expecting their first child at the time. I then found out that Steph was a photographer herself. Then I found out that she was a good photographer herself. Then I felt extremely self-conscious and dreaded the prospect of submitting my photos to a very capable colleague. Nevertheless, I did not want to appear like a lame-o, so I agreed to do their session and we shot at the NYLO in Warwick, RI. You can read about that shoot here.

Some time after that, Steph was driving through the Dunkin Donuts drive through near my house and she spotted me and Ezra walking back home with a photo envelope from Walgreens. I was ashamed to show such poor taste in my choice of photograph printer, but in my defense it was only for a passport application and I needed the photo that day. Really! You can even read about that debacle in this blog post. Anyways, we talked for a little bit and decided to get together for dinner and be nerds and talk about photography.

They came and we had a good time and stayed in touch. Steph then had the brilliant idea of getting together to do family shoots for one another. That was awesome to me because since Ezra has been born, pretty much every picture has been of him by himself or him and Tara. I'm always on the other side of the camera. Steph was having the same problem. We met down in Jamestown one Saturday morning and started shooting. I definitely had the easier job between the two of us. Emmett was cooperative as you could hope a sub-one-year-old would be while Ezra was uncharacteristically stubborn. I think she worked some kind of miracle to pull out the amount of good shots that she did. You can see that half of the shoot on her blog.

I'm glad our paths crossed and am thankful to have some family photos of me, Tara, and Ezra while he's still a little guy. If you're looking for a family or child photographer, I have to step aside and tip my hat to Steph of Stephanie Pavone Mills Photography. Go check out her site and schedule a session with her right now! Of course, if she's already booked you can always try Blueflash. I've heard they're OK, too.

The Steph:

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