Anna and Ilya in Pomfret [CT Portrait Photography]

Anna was the winner of the Blueflash contest that happened during the Facebook page launch. The shoot was originally going to be a "trash the dress" session but then she decided against ruining her dress. I tried to persuade her otherwise, but she stuck to her guns. Instead, she wanted to stick with the fantasy/forest/green theme that she had at her wedding and shoot out in a park in Pomfret, CT with her husband Ilya.

I drove out there and we started shooting right as the rain started falling from the sky. Luckily it was really light and it ended up holding off for the rest of the time. Anna's dress was not her wedding dress but it was still pretty wedding-y, in my opinion. The both of them ended up wading in to a lake, though I think Anna regretted her decision when she discovered a little fish that had seen better days.

There are only a couple pictures in this post because Anna has decided to essentially pull her photos off the internet in a call for privacy. You can read about her interesting decision on her blog. Thanks to her for letting me put up the couple that are here. I was pretty happy with the way the shoot came out. It had an element to it that I don't think I've had in any past photos. The shoot coincided pretty closely to their one year anniversary, so that was pretty cool, too.

Thanks to Anna for her crazy online Blueflash sharing during the contest. I think we're due for another one in the upcoming winter months.