The Mattesons [Rhode Island Family Photography]

The Mattesons are good friends of ours and just had their third kid, Lee. It was time to get some family shots so they piled in the car and headed down to a park in Providence where me, Tara, and Ezra met them. For shoots like these, the tradition is that Tara figures out a location to go to and then I complain about it once we get there. This was no exception.

The sun was hard with no clouds in the sky. Most of the shade I could find was provided by sparse trees which caused speckled sunlight to pour through and ruin the pictures. I guess it was nice if you were there for a picnic. We weren't, we were trying to take pictures.

Anyways, as always, we found ways to make it happen and it worked out just fine. Three kids are not only hard to get to smile and look the same way, but with one of the kids 8 days different than Ezra at about 20 months old, it's hard to even keep them in the same area for a few minutes. We had some escapees throughout the shoot, some of which we were able to capitalize on.

Jared wanted to get some shots of him throwing the girls into the air, so I put the wide angle lens on to get the maximum effect of his impressive baby toss. While the angle does exaggerate the effect, Sophie and Amelie were both getting some serious height.

I got a little jealous and wanted a turn of my own, so I handed the camera to Amanda and let Jared throw me up into the sky. OK, so in the interest of full transparency, this picture might've been helped a little bit by Photoshop.

It helped to  dangle a carrot (or in this case, ice cream) in front of the girls throughout the shoot to get them to smile and stand still, and then Amanda and Jared made good on the promise and we walked to an ice cream shop down the street once we were finished.

Enjoy the photos!

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