fiona's father's day gift

this was fiona's second father's day on planet earth (as it was ezra's, coincidentally). olga (the mom) wanted to give pasha (fiona's dad, olga's husband) something nice for father's day. why was it just so difficult to introduce three people?

olga had spray painted two cardboard letters (D and A). conveniently enough, the word 'dad' happens to only have two unique letters, allowing olga to only do 66% of the work but end up with 100% results. they came over to the pseudo-studio in the porch and the chaos began as i tried to shoot a fourteen month old holding letters while not wrinkling the cotton backdrop and also while my eighteen month old ran around like a nut in front of and behind the backdrop. tara did her best but was no match for the speedy ezra.

the goal was just three shots. one with the 'd', one with the 'a', and one with the 'd' again. the three pictures would be framed in succession spelling out, you guessed it, 'dad'. i figured it would take five or ten minutes to get the three shots. an hour later we were still trying to wrangle things together. i had to banish ezra and tara to the living room to minimize distractions. ezra found the umbrellas over the studio strobes infinitely interesting and i didn't think his poking and grabbing was going to end well.

a couple hundred shots later, i think (read: hoped) we had the three we needed.

here's a composite that i put together. pretty cool. good idea olga.

happy belated father's day to all you dads (i had to wait to blog about this so i wouldn't spoil the gift for pasha).

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