holistic photographs [yoga]

some of you may remember the lovely kaitlyn from way back. we did a fashion/modeling style shoot together in worcester, mass. she ended up climbing emergency ladders on buildings in back alleys and hanging over nasty vats of who-knows-what wearing heels and a dress. it went well.

we ended up emailing back and forth not too long ago and she mentioned she needed some photos for a new endeavor. she's been studying yoga and is getting ready to launch a career as an instructor, starting off as one-on-one and maybe doing class style teaching as well. i loved working with her last time, so of course i said yes. we decided to do a few studio shots and then head into the providence area to get some outdoor yoga action.

the studio shots were a test of my photoshop prowess. the lesson i learned from this shoot is this: iron your backdrops, because the ten or fifteen minutes it takes you to iron it will save you hours upon hours in post-production later trying to remove wrinkles and shadows and other imperfections. it's my typical 'save some time' attitude costing me tons more time afterwards. this is a bad habit that applies to all areas of my life.

anyways, i did what i had to do in post and ended up coming up with a few logo type ideas for her as a bonus. here's one:

This next one I think is pretty cool. It's another one that might not be considered a photograph because of how much post was done, but i still think it was cool how my wrinkly white background turned into a glowing green blurry amoeba.

here's one more studio shot, then we'll move on to the providence session:

i like this shot, the framing of it is working for me and the pose she does fits really well i think. maybe they can use this picture for the 'official stretch of providence' ad campaign. you know the one.

we spotted this yellow fence and kaitlyn really liked it, so we took a few shots. i wasn't crazy about it but film's free so i figured why not? when i sent the pictures to kaitlyn she said she loved the yellow fence ones. i still wasn't crazy about them. coincidentally, when i showed the pictures to tara, her first remark was that she loved the yellow fence. i was outnumbered. it's still not my favorite, but i have to defer to two women and just assume i'm missing something.

if any of you readers are familiar with providence, this next shot is from that little park that overlooks the city with the giant stone statue. it has a name, but i've only lived in rhode island my whole life so i can't remember it. i'm still learning my way around. there was a black wrought iron fence surrounding the statue area with crazily sharp points on the end to discourage people from climbing over and exposing themselves to the potential of a fifty foot drop on the other side. after kaitlyn and i looked at each other and exchanged a few words she jumped the fence so we could get the shot. i love that. yoga trespassing.

best of luck to kaitlyn with her new adventure, glad to have been able to help out a little bit.

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