welcome to earth [baby photos]

good friends of ours stan and karissa (of klm photography just had their first baby a few weeks ago. his name is zekiah stanley. some of you may remember that karissa took photos for us in the hospital when ezra was born. she was with us for almost the whole birth (no small feat considering it lasted about 48 hours).

karissa wanted to have pictures at her birth, but it would've been a little awkward of a shoot for me (and her). instead the plan was for tara to go hang at the hospital and snap some photos as best she could. turns out karissa had the opposite birth that tara had. she didn't even bother calling tara because the birth happened so fast she probably wouldn't have gotten to the hospital in time.

after ezra took so long to arrive, i'm always glad to hear when other people have quick and complication-free births. while i didn't take any action shots while the moment was actually happening, we did go visit the next day and i took a few snapshots of the new family in the recovery room.

we went by their house  the other night to see zekiah and he seems to be doing just fine. i forget how small babies are now that ezra is almost a year and a half old. once they both get older the year and a half gap will shrink and maybe they'll get to nerd out just like me and stan do when we hang out.

babies are so cool but they're also really strange. what the heck are they thinking? how come they can't do anything when they're first born? why does ezra demand that i wear slippers every second that i'm in the house? some things i'll never know i guess.

congratulations stan and karissa, enjoy as your new alien invades your home.

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