giving away the farm

alright all you blog lurkers, today's the big day. blueflash and newport wedding glam are teaming up to do a giveaway.

here's what's up for grabs:
a free rental of the (super new awesome wicked cool) bluecube for your wedding AND $200 off of your wedding photography when you book blueflash.

we realize some of you might've already booked a photographer before stumbling upon this too-good-to-be-true contest, so the first part of the giveaway is still valid for those people. rules are below...

here's the rules of the game to be eligible:

1) you've got to be a fan of the blueflash facebook page. this one's easy - just click on the link and then hit the 'like' button. done. now you can keep up to date on all the cool stuff going on with blueflash and the bluecube.

2) be a fan of the newport wedding glam facebook page. again, easy - follow the link here.

3) head over to the newport wedding glam blog and read the post about the contest. leave a comment to enter in the drawing and poke around the rest of the site while you're there.

4) that's all, but if you want bonus points it wouldn't hurt to drop a comment on this blog letting us know why the bluecube would be perfect for your wedding. while you're at the blueflash facebook page, click the share button on the contest post and drop it on all your unsuspecting friends' walls. one other suggestion to just fulfill your duty as a good citizen would be to browse the blueflash portfolios. hey, why not? i'm already shamelessly plugging everything else.

5) win.

good luck!

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