can't beat the price

yesterday we broke the news that the bluecube is officially unleashed on the public. i feel like i want to take it everywhere i go. saturday is my grandmother's birthday party, so guess what i'm bringing? what better way to give the bluecube its first run than with a bunch of family?

as i alluded to in yesterday's post, we will be celebrating the bluecube debut with a giveaway, because who the heck doesn't like free stuff? i thought it'd be cool to do the giveaway through something other than just the blog here, so on monday the contest will be announced on newport wedding glam. i'll link over to it once it's up.

the prize will be a free rental of the bluecube for your wedding or party. additionally, the winner will have the option to book blueflash for their wedding with a $200 discount. in total, that's a $700 prize!

here's a self-portrait shot i took while testing it. i know most people don't get excited about image quality, but c'mon! how cool does that look? the secret's in the way the bluecube emits light. i feel like a mad scientist.

don't forget to check back monday to enter the contest. if you don't win, don't let that stop you from experiencing the bluecube. at $500 for the night it's one of the least expensive things at a wedding, and compared to what you'd pay for other photobooths it's totally a steal.

have a good weekend.

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