the bluecube revolution

i've scribbled many notes and sketches.
i've toiled many hours in the basement.
i've deliberated in many aisles at lowe's.
i've completed my opus.

i love being overly dramatic. i didn't complete my opus, BUT i did finish an awesome project that i've been very excited to debut all this time. while concocting this machine that i will introduce in a minute, you may have noticed i've neglected the blog, the blueflash facebook page, my website, and my hygiene. sorry. it's worth it, i promise.

some of you may remember the bluecube. the bluecube was my attempt at building a portable photobooth that ruled. it was an 8 foot by 8 foot by 8 foot photobooth cube. it was a monster. it involved PVC pipes, custom sewn cloth things (courtesy of my lovely wife, old pieces of hardwood floor, crazy brackets, plywood, pipe and drape, a ton of wires, and lots of other things. i couldn't fit it in my car, which meant i had to take tara's anytime i had to bring it somewhere.

you also had to have a master's degree in seven different fields in order to set it up. it was a far cry from my initial concept of simple and awesome. it did (in my opinion) meet the awesome criteria, but simple it was not. for that reason, the last time the bluecube saw the light of day was about a year and a half back when i packed it up and shut down the website for it. then a wave of genius hit me as i was driving a little less than a month ago - it was how to make a photobooth that was portable, affordable, and most importantly still had super awesome image quality. bluecube 2.0 was born.

let's pretend the first bluecube never happened and drop the '2.0' in the title. it's clumsy sounding and ugly.

i am beyond psyched about this. i want to bring this thing everywhere i go now. here's all you need to know - this thing takes an unlimited amount of studio quality photos, completely automatically with no human standing there, all night long of you and your guests. the pictures show up live on the screen as they're taken, then they're spit out a super high quality printer, and then they're all available on the blueflash site after the event. the backdrop can be either white or it can be a green screen, it's up to you. if you use the green screen, you have the ability to put whatever you want as a background - it's totally custom and the bluecube does it for you.

if you're looking for something to make your wedding or party memorable, this is it. check out more info on the bluecube page on the blueflash site here.

stay tuned, because we're going to be kicking this thing off with a giveaway - a free rental of the bluecube. details by the end of the week.

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