stan, karissa, and matt junior [maternity photos]

good friends of ours stan and karissa are expecting their first baby in just mere weeks. you may remember them from such blog fame as the dinner with friends video. you may also remember that stan and karissa are the duo behind klm photography. karissa was at our birth taking photos for us during that crazy time, which you can see here. stan was also my roommate in college for two years. ok, so we're friends, we get it.

anywho, we switched roles of who was behind and in front of the lens this time. they're expecting a baby boy. the name is a secret (definitely the way to do it, take it from someone who learned the hard way), but i'm pushing really hard for 'matt'. i just think it has a nice ring to it. i feel like they're almost convinced but i won't know for sure until he's born.

the day we shot was miserable weather. clouds stretched from one horizon to the other and they were extremely dense, making it dark and grey everywhere. on top of that, the rain was drizzling down at a steady rate. karissa had the idea to go to some mill buildings in pawtucket, namely the one housing the winter farmer's market - hope artiste village. i didn't typo artiste, there really is an 'e' on the end.

the building is like a labyrinth. you can walk for a long time and end up in the same place you started. it doesn't help that the buildings all connect somehow so there's trillions of square feet of floor space. there were some good photo spots to use, though the dark day made it a little difficult. we made it happen though. look, the classic window shot.

karissa told me she didn't want 'edgy'. i thought a barbed wire fence would make the perfect maternity shot backdrop, but alas i honored my subject's wishes. to take the edge off we found some elephants to take some pictures in front of. what's got less edge than an elephant?

here's stan and karissa trying a hat on the baby. looks like it fits ok.

the happy soon-to-be birthing a baby mom:

stan is a coffee maniac. karissa likes it, too. there happened to be a little coffee shop in the building so i snuck a shot during the order. i got lucky enough to get a little belly in it. i think this one might be my favorite from the day, just because i think of the future little guy seeing the photos and this one shows what his mom and dad are into, what they do, and a little of their personality.

this shot is a little departure from my norm. it's very soft and muted. the space is perfect for it, with the overhead fluorescents providing a hangar-type feel. people kept walking through the background of the photo so it took a few tries. i mean, c'mon, can't they see that i'm using the building right now?

it ended up working out at the mill. later on that night we went over to stan and karissa's for dinner and hung out... just in case you were wondering.

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