i want to give you money

yes, it sounds like a cheesy advertising ploy. yes, it kind of is. but wait! it kind of isn't, too! read on.

it's very simple. the steps are as follows:

1) identify a friend, family member, or stranger that is getting married in the near future.
2) tell them about blueflash and explain that they are the obvious choice for their wedding photography.
3) said friend, family member, or stranger signs a contract with blueflash for their wedding.
4) $250 will appear in your pocket.
5) repeat.

i believe word-of-mouth is the best type of advertising, and it's pretty much all blueflash has run off of since it started. i also believe sometimes people need motivation to talk about stuff (i.e. cash).

think about this - you could retire with this referral program! just refer 200 brides per year and you can sit comfortably with $50,000! only 200, i mean, that shouldn't be too hard, right?

really though, there is no limit to this program. if you refer four brides then you will rightfully receive $1,000. it's pretty easy. all you have to do is talk and recommend your favorite photographer (presuming that blueflash is your favorite photographer, of course).

small print - this referral program starts now and will be effective indefinitely until said otherwise. does not apply to wedding contracts that are already in effect.

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