everyone should bake cookies for me [engagement photos]

you may remember awhile back that i posted a song on the blog that i had written and recorded. it was about a friend of mine in college named cecilia who is quite possibly the coolest girl i've known. just a few weeks ago i had gotten an email from her twin sister jess whom i hadn't yet met. jess got engaged to shawn a few months prior and were looking for a photographer for their wedding. i happened to know one so we hit it off pretty quick.

their wedding is out in october of this year, but they wanted to get together earlier for the engagement shoot so that they could use some photos for the save the dates. jess had her heart set in having the session at lime rock preserve in lincoln, ri. it's basically a little hiking trail that winds through the woods, goes over a dam, and passes by a lake.

It just so happens that right on the dam is where shawn asked jess to marry him. cool. here's them standing in the spot where it took place.

after going back and forth with jess a few times in email, it came to my attention that she is a graphic designer. perfect, thought i, who was in the midst of a website redesign. she ended up helping me out big time with transforming my logo and giving me lots of good advice and guidance on what to change and how to change it. i am very grateful for her help. if you haven't seen the new site, go check it out after you finish reading this post.

jess brought some cool props along which was very helpful. one of the things they wanted to get out of the shoot was photos to use for their save the dates. she had some cross-stitch frames that had the words 'save the date 10 17 2012'. their plan was to make them into a photo-strip look with four of the pictures. here's one that ended up getting chosen for it.

another cool prop was a tin can phone, much like the ones you might've made as a kid: two metal cans with a string between them. although they might not be the best communication vehicle, i thought they made for some good photos.

lastly, in my opinion, the best prop of the day was a plate of homemade cookies and brownies. part of my sway toward this prop could very well be that they were kind enough to impart bags of the extras to me when the shoot was over. umm, it only took two hours to kill them all off. i'm toying with the idea of making homemade cookies part of the required payment for photoshoots now that i've experienced that. i may have to update the pricing page.

I had a good time hiking through the woods even though my hands lost feeling halfway through the shoot. I think they're going to have a great wedding and I'm really looking forward to it. it'll be at the pavilion at rocky neck state park in east lyme, connecticut.

head over to the blueflash page to see more pictures of this cool couple in the new album. remember to click 'like' while you're there.

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