be a fan, be an air conditioner

the time has come to separate blueflash from my personal 'matthew celeste' facebook page. i've been resisting setting up a business page on facebook for two main reasons.

reason 1 - businesses can't have friends, they can only be 'liked'. i like to think blueflash is a friendly business. just being liked seems so selfish. it's like asking someone to profess their feelings for you and then in return impersonally giving them an update on your life every few days.  visibility initially takes a hit, too. in the current setup, anyone who is friends with me is forced to see my albums of photos pop up in their feed. hopefully it's at just the right time when their sister's friend's teacher's brother's officemate's daughter has just gotten engaged and needs a photographer for the wedding. now that that will only happen if that person 'likes' the blueflash page. also, asking someone to 'like' your page seems so desperate and needy, but i will shamelessly be doing just that.

reason 2 - have you ever dealt with facebook's photo uploader in mass quantities? it is horrendous. it crashes more often than windows 98 (sorry for the nerd joke). there's no way to transfer albums from one facebook account to another, so i was forced to re-upload about 45 albums. 45! it's really my fault. i should've done a business page from the very beginning and i would've never run into that problem.

i'll be quite honest, my biggest concern is starting this page and having the left column read "3 people like this", one being me, the other my wife, and the other my dad. that's why i need you. i'm not asking you to join the army, just to 'like' the blueflash page on facebook. i know, ask not what you can do for blueflash, but what liking the blueflash page on facebook will do for you. well, let me tell you what's in store for you, my potential page liker...
in addition to hearing the latest cutting-edge news about your favorite photography outfit, catching glimpses of brand new photos before the ~push my nose up into the air just a bit more than normal~ general public, and being alerted that the blog contains a new update that you must rush over to read, there will be a prize to be had.
when the blueflash page hits 500 likes, one of those first 500 loyal fans will win a free blueflash session. it can be an engagement shoot, trash the dress, a kid shoot, family, model shoot if you're an aspiring model, or if you really want i can come over and take pictures of your stamp collection. that's a $250 prize, peeps. if you want to up your chances, you can do any (or all) of the following:
- share the blueflash page on your wall
- have a blog? blog about it and post the link to it on the wall
- tweet the heck out of it, using the #blueflash hash tag
- post on the wall what kind of shoot you would use the prize for if you won

check back regularly, all blueflash related updates will be there instead of on my personal facebook page. tell your friends, especially the ones with a wedding coming up.

now i can officially say - like us on facebook.

-- UPDATE --
the first day was awesome, ending with about 130 likes and a bunch of re-shares, tweets, and buzz. thanks so much to everyone for your support!