and the winner is...

wait! i know what you're going to do. you're already doing it. you're frantically scanning the post for the the winner. you don't even care what i have to say! how do you think that makes me feel? just give me one paragraph, then i'll tell you who the lucky person is.

it hasn't even been two weeks since the blueflash facebook page made its debut and over 230 of you have liked, shared, blogged, and tweeted about it to help get the word out. i am extremely grateful for all your help with that and i hope we can continue to let everyone know about blueflash. there could only be one winner this time around, but i've decided that people like to get free stuff so i plan to have more giveaways on a pretty regular basis. in other words, please don't cry uncontrollably if you didn't win this time around; instead be sure to check back often for other things to win.

without further ado (and because i used up my one requested paragraph), the winner of the free blueflash photoshoot is...

anna radchenko!

anna was a social media animal. she had nearly daily tweets, facebook shares, comments, and other such activities. she had written on the wall that if she won that she would use it for a trash the dress shoot. i hope she has a dress, because i definitely don't have any of my own that i'd be willing to ruin. congratulations, anna!

and now for the rest of you peoples - i can't give away 200 free shoots, but as a way to say thanks for your support i'd like to offer you guys $50 off of a blueflash session. just mention that you were one of the first 200 supporters and i will shake your hand vigorously, shout 'thank you' emphatically in your general direction, and shove 50 bucks back into your pocket. offer is valid if you get in touch before the end of march.

thanks. a lot. tell your friends.