a hot air balloon ride for babies [ri baby]

our friends pasha and olga asked if i would take some shots of their daughter fiona. i said yes, on one condition - i shoot ezra's pictures at the same time. not unlike the contractor whose home is never really finished or the mechanic with a junker for a car, i am the photographer with not that many 'professional' photos of my own kid.

sure i have a ton of pictures of him, probably more than i could look at in an entire day, but they're mostly snapshots. they may be snapped with a nice camera, but they're not deliberate photos that get edited, cleaned up, and processed afterwards. shooting ez with fiona was a good way to make sure i took some good pictures of my son.

we (tara, ezra, and i) met up at the smith appleby house in smithfield which is actually where me and tara got married three and a half years ago. it was a couple hours before dusk so the sun was getting pretty low and making some cool light at severe angles.

pasha and olga had picked up a bunch of balloons, a big basket, a frame, and some other miscellaneous props to use. as you can see from the pictures, we used them all. i think we got some good shots of the two of them. it's crazy how fast sub-one year olds grow up. no matter how many pictures i take, i feel like it's not enough.

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