the wedding singer (marissa and clayton)

marissa and clayton got married at Waypoint in New Bedford, MA in the beginning of september. the venue was newly added on to the hotel within the past year. they did a nice job with the room that the wedding was held in. there were stone walls with a healthy amount of windows and a really cool stairway leading up to it all.

marissa and clayton wanted to do their pictures before the ceremony, but still wanted to capture the whole 'this is the first time you've seen me in my wedding dress' thing even though that particular moment wouldn't be happening during the aisle walk. i found a fold in the building that marissa could walk around while clayton waited on the other side. i trailed marissa with my camera like a paparazzi (or creep) and shot over her shoulder in hopes of catching clayton's face at the right moment. i think i got it.

it was cool to see this couple so happy to be getting married. that always makes the wedding more enjoyable to shoot; that is when the bride and groom both seem like they want to be there. we shot the family pictures in a little courtyard area between buildings right after the ceremony was finished. i took the bridal party across the street where there was docks and tons of boats in a little marina type area. the sun was bright as anything and there were no clouds in the sky to tame it. i don't think the bridal party was happy about facing the sun.

while waiting for the reception to start, people were in the cocktail party room, outdoor courtyard, and hanging out in the lobby. i was in the latter of the three places when i heard someone shriek "you're from the wedding singer!". now i'm about the furthest thing from a movie buff (i haven't been to the theater for multiple years and i don't even have a tv in my house), so when i looked i saw an elderly woman that i didn't recognize. a couple seconds later she opened her mouth and said "yes, i am" and then my memory flashed back to 'the wedding singer' movie and i realized it was the woman who gave adam sandler the piano lessons and sang at his wedding. her voice was so distinct. apparently she was in the area to film another movie and she was staying at that hotel. marissa was pretty excited to see the wedding singer lady so i took a couple pictures of them together. marissa invited her to the wedding reception but she kindly declined, citing tiredness from a day's shoot as the reason.

the wedding went smoothly and there was lots of dancing which makes my job a little easier. best of luck to marissa and clayton as they start in on their married life.

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