sail away

what's better than a nice wedding at oceancliff in newport on a beautiful day? taking your whole wedding onto a boat after the reception for a sunset cruise. that's what robin and joe did for their wedding in early september. they had an outdoor ceremony in front of the water and the newport bridge (senator pell bridge to be technical about it).

cocktail hour followed and was also outdoors. during that time we did the family photos and the bridal party. the sun was tough since photo time ended up being a few minutes past twelve. the reception followed right after and i was glad to see the room had an entire wall of windows. the place was naturally lit and had a hardwood floor that gave a good reflection.

robin, joe and i headed over to fort adams when the reception wound down to take some pictures of just the two of them. i didn't know if we were going to be able to actually go in the fort. i remember years ago it was open just like a regular park and you could go in whenever you wanted (from dawn to dusk). i guess things have changed. the entrance/exit was fenced off and a tour group was leaving just as we arrived. i ran up to the tour guide and asked him if we could get in for a little bit to take some pictures. when realized i was accompanied by a bride and groom, he obliged and walked us into the fort area. it's amazing what people will let you do when you have a wedding dress on (or are with someone in a wedding dress, in my case).

we got some wicked cool pictures in the grungy and dark bunkers. it was nearly pitch black inside so i set up my two flashes as remote strobes and shot away. i had to work fast because we had really limited time. the tour guide was standing there waiting for us as i shot. i did what i could and then we basically got kicked out.

from there we headed over to the boat launch a couple miles away where the guests were already waiting. i took some shots of the boat and everybody on it and then got in my car as it left the pier with the new bride and groom.

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