meghan and steve score an engagement

i've got meghan and steve's wedding coming up in 2012, but meghan wanted some engagement photos done before the frozenness we know as winter set in upon us. she told me that they're both soccer fanatics so they wanted to incorporate that into their photos somehow. i thought about it and came up with a couple of shot concepts and found a soccer field in providence we could meet at. i figured we'd do some shots on the field and then head into the city for some other pictures.

meghan asked what she should bring. i replied, "a ball." meghan and steve both play in recreational leagues up in nearby massachussetts where they live. soccer's not my thing, but i love volleyball and would love to do something like that where you play once a week. the things you don't think of until after you have a kid, i guess.

luckily the soccer field was vacant when we arrived, although every other square inch of grass was being used by peewee football players and all sorts of other outdoor activities. we did the soccer shots and got out of there.

engagement sessions are nice to do because it helps me to get to know the future bride and groom a lot better and vice versa. whenever there's an engagement shoot, the wedding always goes a little smoother i think, both for me and for the bride and groom. i'm glad we got to hang out for the afternoon. good luck with the planning, see you guys in the summer.

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