let's go back to a time when it was a lot warmer. i'm talking july: the end of hot, sunny july. as i've mentioned before, my wife and I work in the youth group at our church. there's five kids that are brothers, sisters, and cousins to one another that attend youth group. the parents asked if i'd do a shoot to get some pictures of them all together before a couple of them head off to college.

when i heard the request my initial thought was that it would probably be the most difficult shoot i've done to date. i love these guys, don't get me wrong, but i had a hunch that they might think it was fun to make my job really hard. the parents are very nice people that my wife and i like a lot, so in order to appear like a put together mature adult, i obliged to the request rather than explaining that i was afraid of getting teased by a group of teenagers.

this was a parent-requested shoot that none of the five kids necessarily wanted to take part in. i contemplated forcing them to dress up like captain planet characters (there were five of them, after all) but then thought better of it. then i thought of ninja turtles but didn't want them fighting over who was going to get to be splinter. i finally settled on letting them wear whatever they wanted.

 the two families are really close knit. they actually live only a couple houses away from one another. one house is on a lot of land that has some farm area and barns. we walked around their property (and i think on some other property) and shot wherever looked good. i ended up having fun doing the shoot, and i like to think they had a good time too. here's some more shots from the day.