california or bust

teresa king is a singer/songwriter who grew up in rhode island. she got in touch with me via facebook, the world's best free advertising. we exchanged a whole bunch of emails and texts talking about ideas and planning the shoot for her new website and cd. she (at the time, which was august. yes, august) was in the midst of writing and recording a new cd that she could use as a demo to entice potential labels and agents.

in parallel she was having a new website designed. oh and one other thing: planning her move to california in the following couple weeks. yeah, no big deal, just changing the coast she's lived on for twenty years. since there's hardly any music scene in rhode island (comparatively speaking), she decided to go out to california where the soil is a little more fertile for music.

teresa had a good idea of what direction she wanted to go with the pictures. she told me her theme for the cd was "fairy tale". i have to admit, it was my first fairy tale shoot and i wasn't really sure what it meant. apparently it means fields and straw hats and sun streaks. i can do that. we ended up doing two sessions since the two locations were on opposite ends of the state. the first was in a remote field down in the uttermost southern part of rhode island (i don't really know where i was) and the other was the cranston/scituate area on some private property.

the latter location was basically some guy's backyard. teresa's brother had asked permission at some previous point, but the kind old man seemed to have forgotten that he ever spoke with him. this resulted in the man driving his tractor toward us with a perplexed look on his face. more specifically he drove right toward me while i was shooting and decided to stop before he killed me. teresa's brother talked to him again but couldn't jog his memory. the man gave us permission (again) to stay and finish what we were doing. thanks mister.

i should also mention one other thing. teresa wanted makeup so she asked me if i had anyone that does that. i sure do, it is my awesomest MUA ashley, who i love to have at photoshoots with me. i wish everyone requested makeup so i could take ashley on every shoot. she did a great job, especially considering it was about seven hundred degrees at the first shoot and there was one tree in a five mile radius. i don't know anything about makeup, but i would assume it's difficult to apply in direct, throbbing, intense, and relentless sunlight. in addition to the makeup, it's great to have her there to bounce ideas back and forth. we're like siskel and ebert, except one of us is a girl and we're not reviewing movies.

best of luck to teresa out in california, suffering from their temperate climate where she has to endure an average of seventy five degrees and low humidity. check out her website, it should be fully finished soon.

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