everyone hates getting their picture taken

breanna was a senior in the youth group at our church. by now she's a high school graduate and attending johnson and wales to learn how to make really good food.

she asked me to shoot her senior pictures, and in the same breath told me that she hates getting her picture taken and is horrible at it. well then in that case, sure! what's better than taking pictures of someone who hates getting their picture taken and looks horrible in them?

ok, thankfully the latter of the claims was not true. breanna didn't end up looking horrible in "every picture" like she claimed she would. i also don't think she hated it, and if she did then she did a good job pretending like she didn't. it's funny how often people hire me to take their picture and then proceed to tell me they hate to get their picture taken. it makes me feel like the dentist of the artistic world. people hate getting their teeth cleaned, but there they are, twice a year in the dentist chair.

tara and ez tagged along for this one. it was a nice sunday afternoon right after church so we headed down to north main street in providence and took a walk down and back, shooting as we went. there were plenty of spots to use and the weather was perfect.

good luck in your post high school endeavors breanna.

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