jaclyn hatching mykenzie

jaclyn and nate are friends of ours and they just had their baby sometime the other day. all was well with the birth and mom and baby are doing well. months ago we got together at their place to do a little maternity shoot for them and hopefully score lunch. only one of the two objectives were successfully executed.

their baby is of the female flavor and her name is mykenzie. it is yet another prospective woman for our boy ezra. most all of our friends are pumping out girls and i think there's currently a 10:1 girl to ezra ratio going on right now.

it was about 342 degrees outside that day, but at least the humidity was low. my wife and ezra came along to ensure that i took good pictures. tara assumes the role of art director when she comes along, which makes for sometimes comical and sometimes contentious banter.

we're all very happy that the birth went smoothly and that mykenzie is finally here. hopefully these pictures will serve as a good memory of the pregnancy. enjoy parenthood!

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