baby amelia braves the lightening

i was lucky enough to be able to take ez and tara with me to the first half of amelia's shoot, which facilitated a little pre-shoot shoot of the two of them before amelia and co arrived. below is my favorite of those.

there was a valiant attempt to shoot amelia's pictures at roger williams park before a storm rolled in, but the weather won out after about forty five minutes. after about the sixth shutter click the ominous clouds started to accumulate and soon turned the sky a very dark grey. being the optimistic photographer that i am, we just moved on to the next location about a hundred feet away from where we were. in that twenty second walk it started to rain, lightening, and thunder. amelia wasn't too appreciative of the precipitation or excessively loud interaction of warm and cool air, so we headed for the cars and called it a day.

a week later i headed down to their place in exeter to round out the shoot with some more photos. the weather was a little bit better that day and we were able to shoot inside and outside. amelia was a good sport and didn't give me any trouble.

here's some more shots from the sessions...

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