cailtin and ervin get engaged

caitlin, ervin and i got together less than two weeks before their wedding to do some engagement photos. i'd put that in the 'cutting it close' category. scheduling was tough as ervin is in the navy and sometimes finds himself on submarines for months at a time.

we met up at swan point cemetery  in providence, which sounds like a weird place for engagement photos but actually had a good amount of spots for pictures. i just carefully framed out the gravestones because i thought that didn't really have the right feel for this shoot.

we shot right up until the onset of a pretty good thunder and rainstorm. i was actually still packing up my stuff when it started to rain. we got it all in though so i was glad for that.

i tried this shot with a plus and an equals and two sets of caitlin and ervin. i put the camera on a tripod, cut out a plus and equals out of cardboard, brought some duct tape and taped the cardboard to the wall before anyone noticed, and shot them standing on either side of the plus sign and then took another shot of the both of them together on the right hand side of the equation. i later used photoshop to merge the two shots (which turned out pleasingly seamless) and then took a photo of wood texture (actually a hardwood floor) and superimposed that over my ghetto looking cardboard cutouts to make it look like the mathematical operators were wood. i still don't know how i feel about how that part of it came out. does it look real or does it look like i'm a photoshop hack? be honest.

best of luck to caitlin and ervin, who at the writing of this post are already married. their plans are to move to california after getting married, an unthinkable thought for most rhode islanders who usually have a hard enough time moving to a different city in the state (i've moved three times in my life and am still in cranston, in the same 1.8 mile radius). have fun on the other side of the country!

whoa! these two pictures above were two totally separate shots. when i uploaded them to the blog they happened to line up like that. creepy..

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