rolling jaxson

i did maternity photos for nicole way back about seven or eight months ago. soon after that i took photos at her baby shower - a bit strange being the only guy at such a girl-oriented event, but no one seemed to notice me too much. anywho, nicole and craig called me up, or rather emailed me, and asked me to come by their place to take some photos of their little guy now that he's on the other side of the tummy.

they were nice enough to let tara and ez tag along with me for the shoot. after talking a bit we realized ezra and jaxson were only one day apart, with jaxson being the older guy. kinda neat.

i took most of the shots in jaxson's room where the sun was making it just bright enough for natural light pictures. every time i put him on his stomach he was rolling over before i could pick my camera up. after awhile i gave up and just took pictures of him in other positions. it was pretty cool how he would instantly roll over as soon as he was put down.

i used to be scared of touching humans under the age of five because i thought i would break them. having my own kid changed that, which i realized really facilitates kid shoots. i no longer have to describe to the mom where to place their child, which hand to put in front of them, please remove the drool off the chin, etc...

about halfway through the shoot the grandparents arrived. i did some individual shots and then ended the day with some group ones. it was cool to walk into nicole and craig's house and see pictures that i took from previous shoots hanging on the wall in jaxson's bedroom. i hope they find a place for this set of photos and that when jaxson's borrowing the car to drive his girlfriend to the movies that they can look back at them and remember when he was just a little five month old guy.

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