fiona hates hats

i did maternity photos for pasha and olga a few months back (almost a half year ago actually) when fiona was still stuck in olga's belly. recently i got to take photos of fiona while she wasn't in the belly. she was born on december 31st (just in time to catch the tax break).

we tried a bunch of hats and blankets and props that olga picked up for the shoot. there was one hat in particular that fiona despised. it was instant scream when it touched her head. it's actually the one in the photo above. somehow we managed to distract her for a thousandth of a second to take the picture.

other than the hat issue fiona was pretty cooperative. she was kind enough to hang out in this bucket type thing while i took a million pictures.

babies are funny. they have no idea what's going on, or at least us adults don't think they do. here's the proud parents and they're mini-human.

being a parent is cool. have fun with fiona...

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