mimi and the fam

this shoot involved the most people for me yet (with the obvious exception of weddings). mimi was the teacher for our bradley class that tara and i took during pregnancy. she is a super nice woman and she wanted family portraits of everyone. there were three generations in total plus pets.

we did the shoot in mimi's backyard which lent itself very well to large group photos. i got a whole group shot and then made sure to get each 'sub-family'. i also tried my best to grab some candids from the day.

everyone was really easygoing and friendly, making my job a bit easier. i like to think i was able to capture some shots that they'll pass down through their family for a lot of years to come. that's a pretty cool thought.

mimi was a great teacher for our birth class. if anyone happens to be pregnant out there or is planning on being pregnant soon you should check it out. it was nice going into the hospital with a little bit of knowledge rather than just what i've seen in cartoons. mimi's website is here.

four more posts and then i'm all caught up!

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