ez and soph's first date

my son is a bit of a ladies man, at which i'm not too surprised due to his gene source. at his young age of three months he's trying to decide if he should shop in his own age category or pick up one of mom and dad's twenty-something year old friends. one night he decided to test the waters of his own age category. he called up sophie on her cell and asked if she was busy and if she was interested in laying down on the bench for the evening. she acquiesced, knowing it was going to be a battle with her mom and dad to let her go on a date. she was, after all, eight days ezra's minor. with ezra three months old that's almost a ten percent age difference.

they agreed to meet up at sophie's place, 6:30 sharp, right after their feedings. the night started off a little rough with each one playing it cool, trying not to let on that they were interested in one another. eventually they took turns screaming their heads off. infants have a weird way of flirting.

ez tried to make a quick move and slip his arm around sophie while they were hanging out in the basket of love. sophie decided to unleash her vocal siren, subsequently causing ezra to yell out at the top of his minuscule lungs.

there were a few feedings that interrupted the flow of the date but i think overall it went pretty well. i'm proud of my son. he gave soph a taste of what it's like to hang with the ez-meister but not too much so as to keep her coming back for more. sophie's been texting ezra non-stop since the date but ezra told me he's trying to keep his options open right now so he's leaving some space.

he's not quite ready to make a long-term commitment. i think he's waiting at least until he can hold his own head up. we'll be keeping an eye on these two as time goes on though...

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