christmas in february (will)

this is getting totally lame, i know. blogging about shoots from before christmas in february is kind of weird and unseasonal. things got thrown off schedule when ezra was born so you'll just have to bear with me for the next three or four posts.

anywho, this was my second shoot with will, the first being an urban baby shoot on thayer street in providence. bill and katie (dad and mom) wanted to have some christmas-y pictures of him for cards to send out.

this was my first shoot since ezra was born. we did it early one saturday morning and met up at a tree farm in cranston. we found an area off to the side where there were no trees for sale but rather a bunch of giant trees that wouldn't fit in anyone's home. katie brought some props in the form of ornaments and presents and i brougt an old-school wooden sled.

i thought it'd be cool if he was decorating trees in a field and hanging out with presents near big trees still in the ground.

we caught some seriously cool morning sunlight which i tried to exploit to its fullest potential. i ended up with some shots that i really liked and i think the christmas card came out great (they were kind enough to send one to me so i could see the final product in print).

it was so cool to hang out with will again and see how much he's grown. last time he didn't talk, this time he was saying my name. it was especially cool because i knew at home i had a few week old baby who would be talking and walking in a couple short years. hopefully there will be more will photoshoots in the future. thanks for the high fives will.

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