back in my college days (which weren't too long ago) i lived on campus at uri in the dorms as a freshman and sophomore. me and my buddy stan were dormmates in aldrich b201a. during my freshman year there was a group of girls who lived up the hallway that we used to hang out with pretty often and cecilia was one of them.

she was super cool and i liked her a lot. she would come hang and talk in our room all the time and i could always walk down the hall and crash her room if i felt like it. she always seemed to have the things in her dorm that me and stan never did, like a broom and other such cleaning supplies. she was such a down-to-earth girl.

this blog post could be pages and pages long if i started recounting everything, but the point of the short explanation is that i wrote and recorded a song for her toward the end of the year. i recorded it appropriately enough in my dorm room one day with my humble recording setup - my laptop, shure ksm27, and some multitrack software. i talked to her the other day after a long time and she mentioned that she lost this song so i figured i'd give it to her via the blog.

the lyrics are mostly referencing things that happened throughout the year so they probably won't make much sense to anyone. for example, i was in a band in college and although cecilia was a great friend and all, she never came to a show. she was a bit of a dorm hermit i guess. she took physiology three times before passing, it was her academic achilles' heel you could say.

just give it a listen and go easy, i'm only a singer out of necessity.

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