the ballpit kings (heather and keith's wedding)

as i drove up to indian pond country club out in kingston, ma i noticed houses bigger than my entire neighborhood. how do you keep up with a house that big? me and my wife live in a small cape and i feel like i always have a project to do in the house. i can only imagine if my house was twenty times that size.

anyways, this post is not about giant houses, but about keith and heather's wedding. it was a windy day that they were calling for tons of rain on. the rain held off for most of the time, but eventually grey clouds covered the sky and things started getting wet. the original plan was for the ceremony to be held outside on a deck type of an area but the weather caused it to be moved inside. there was a nice room indoors with big giant windows and was nicely setup. sometimes venues have a 'backup plan' to the outdoor ceremony and it looks like just that - a backup plan. this area looked like the ceremony was planned to be there the entire time.

the reception was right down the hall in another room with a huge window wall. it looked very nice in real life but caused a bit of a headache for the exposure metering on the camera when using flash. i know no one cares about that, but i figured i'd mention it because i had to constantly think about it and be aware of it all night long. if anyone's interested, the camera sends out a couple undetectable pulses of light right before the picture is taken and reads back the luminousity information in order to figure out how bright to fire the flash. when it sees itself in the glass reflection it inaccurately fires the flash at a really low power.

anywho, woe is me, i know.

as i was eating with the dj's we started talking about bands we used to play in during high school after finding out we all play instruments. turns out one of the dj's actually saw my band in high school (the ballpit kings) play at a party. mind you that we were from cranston and the dj was from massachusetts. in high school that's pretty much worldwide fame. it was cool eating and talking with those guys.

i took some pictures in the elevator and the people that worked at the venue kind of looked at me like i was an alien. i thought the lighting was cool. i had to improvise because the weather was nasty outside, super windy and cold. the bridal party was cool enough to grant me a few minutes outside anyway. i really appreciated that.

everything worked out despite the weather and derailed photo plans. all the best to heather and keith, thanks for letting me be a part of your day...

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