julie and frank's engagement

engagement photos are a great way to get to know the future bride and groom and also for the bride and groom to get to know the photographer. i would highly recommend doing an engagement session, i think they help make the wedding day go smoother and plus you end up with some cool pictures wearing normal clothes.

julie and frank emailed me about their wedding next year and also wanted to do an engagement session, so we met up in lincoln, ri at chase farm. i had never been there before and it turned out to be a pretty good place to take the types of photos we were going after.

i had this old trunk laying around that i had gotten about a year ago and been wanting to use it in a shoot. for one reason or another i hadn't used it up until now. julie and frank were the perfect couple and chase farm was the perfect place to use it. it was exactly what i had in mind for it.

they had a great idea for something but i can't tell you what it was or show you pictures of it because it'll ruin their surprise. i know that's lame to even mention it, but i thought i'd be a lame-o. it was cool though, take my word for it, mainly because you don't really have any other choice.

there was a healthy dose of some good-natured trespassing, but nothing too mischevoius.

frank is an art teacher and his students had drawn in the kennedy skating center so they wanted to stop in providence and take some shots with the artwork. i think this turned out to be a pretty neat picture, i like the perspective of it.

these two guys were really easy to work with and very photogenic, two reasons among others that i'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding next year. they're going for a rustic and natural venue out in foster which i think will be really awesome and different.

i had a great time hanging out with julie and frank. good luck with the rest of the wedding planning...

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