everyone should have a bounce house (melissa and jason's wedding)

i love how this wedding came out. it was awesome weather, the bridesmaid's dresses were bright, melissa had color in her dress, the guys had tophats and canes, and everyone had a good personality and big smiles. melissa and jason got married at the united parish house in lunenburg and had the reception at the wachusett country club in west boylston. tunes were provided by modern entertainment, a dj service based out of lowell, ma.

there were a few shots that i really liked, but i think my favorite is this one:

i shot it while the girls were getting ready to have their pictures taken. candids trump posed shots anyday. this is a technical horror of a photograph. the heads are cut off, it's way overexposed, the rule of thirds seems to not have existed, but i love it.

ok i've given myself enough compliments for one blog post. how cool is this little patio area at the hotel that the girls got ready at?

this hotel had a waterpark built in. yeah, a full-blown waterpark. i would've been flying down the speed slide in a second if i wasn't wearing dress clothes and wearing a camera backpack. alas i was, so i continued to do my job, but i can't say i stopped thinking about the waterslides that were only tens of feet away from me.

melissa and jason had a daytime wedding with an after party planned for anyone interested. they rented a bounce house, which i am very partial to if anyone is familiar with the even known as mattapalooza (promo vid can be seen here). it would've been cool to go and take pictures of that, but after being out for ten hours or so and having an hour and half drive ahead of me, i decided to head home. i guess i'm old now, i don't know.

i'm waiting for the day that i shoot a wedding and they have a bounce house at the actual reception. a big, huge wedding cake bouncy house. i'd probably shoot the wedding for free (don't quote me on that).

ok i'm way off track, i think this post wins the award for being the most off-topic. thanks guys for letting me shoot your wedding - best of luck with everything!

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