dreaming of a blue wedding (kerry and mike)

it's probably pretty clear i like the color blue, so i was pleasantly surprised when i showed up to kerry and mike's wedding and saw all sorts of blue stuff everywhere.

the wedding was at  five bridges inn in rehoboth, ma. it was a cool venue that is on a lot of land with a big huge house that the bridal party and family get to use for 24 hours. there's a giant permanent tent set up where the reception is held and plenty of spots around for photos.

maybe best of all was that kerry and mike decided to have the bluecube at their wedding. it seemed to be a huge hit - every time i looked over i saw people inside it and usually a little bit of a line waiting to get in. people loved it. the photos from it are on the website under the 'bluecube' section if you want to check them out.

i don't know what the chances are that i do two weddings pretty close to each other and both of them have a groom and groomsmen that are big wiffle ball guys, but i would think they're pretty low. mike and his guys just happened to have a bat and ball in the car, so out it came during the formal shots.

kerry and mike were a cool laid back couple and were surrounded by a lot of great people. they had a lobster dinner at the reception (done by cozy caterers) and a cool little cocktail hour by a pool in the back of the property. there were a lot of shots from their wedding that i really liked how they came out. i thought these two were really photogenic.

since it was hot out and i had to setup the bluecube before the wedding started, i showed up in gym shorts and an old t-shirt. i figured i'd set it up and then change into normal wedding photographer attire, but after arriving i realized that i probably didn't inspire much confidence in anyone who saw me. i love this shot below of kerry walking down the aisle. i think all aisles should be old red brick. how cool are the blue shoes? i used to have a pair just like them.

i thought the above shot would be great if these guys ever decided to form a band and needed a cd cover. their cake(s) were awesome - they were made by johansson's bakery and i thought they looked really cool.

an awesome job on makeup was done by blushing brides, so defnitely jump over and check out their facebook page when you get a chance. it was a great wedding and i really enjoyed it, best of luck to kerry and mike - thanks for having me...

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