am i at the right place? (emily and marc's wedding)

emily and marc recently got married at a church on the uconn campus and had the reception in a permanent tent a little further down the campus. they were both pretty cool places.

i got there a little bit early like i usually do and there was zero people there. i always have a little freakout fest when i get to where i'm supposed to be and there's nobody there at all. i walked up to the empty church, pushed on the door and gingerly stepped inside while looking around for booby traps and security cameras.

after i took the self-guided tour, i went back outside andcalled my wife to ask her to go in my email and make sure i was in the right place (even though i check about twenty-five times before i leave the house). this is customary procedure for when i arrive to a wedding. i need to realize that i'm early and that early means nobody else is even supposed to be there yet, so it's normal for no one to be there. anywho, emily's parents pulled up when i had just gotten through to tara, so i hung up and felt a lot better.

things were pretty smooth from that point out. we took some cool shots around the area after the ceremony and then headed over to the reception in a nice tent that let a lot of natural sunlight in.

everybody at the wedding seemed to enjoy themselves. there was a cool little surprise on the dance floor. take a look:

yeah, that's a back flip. he just decided to jump in the air in the middle of the floor and flip upside down. i think that was the fastest i ever brought my camera up to my eyeball and took a shot. i'm glad i caught it though. for the record, he landed it perfectly. that was a first for me to see at a wedding.

the cake was made by a friend of emily's who does it just as a hobby. it was a pretty mean looking cake, especially for someone who just does it on the side. definitely an awesome job, check it out....

thanks marc and emily for letting me be a part of your wedding - best of luck with your new marriage and all the years to come.

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