tara is prego

these shots are a combination of two shoots that me and my wife did with a few weeks in between each one. i guess technically they would be a five month shoot and a six month shoot. people always ask why i don't take more pictures of tara. the truth is, she never really wants me to. she gets mad at me for making her move her arm or look toward a certain place so she usually doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

having raph in her belly changed her mind. now it's maternity shoots once a month starting at month five. it's cool, taking pictures of raph before he comes out.

we went to woonsocket for month five. kind of a strange destination, but i wanted to try somewhere i wouldn't normally go with a client. it turned out ok, i wasn't thrilled with the backdrops though.

for month six we went to newport for night. we took shots until the sun went down and then tara got lured into the black pearl, a restaurant that feels the need to charge about thirteen bucks for a hamurger. don't they sell these for eighty-nine cents at mcdonalds? at least the film was free.

so raph is almost here as of this writing - a little less than two months. i built the crib last night. so strange. we've got plans for a seven month shoot this saturday, so long as hurricane earl doesn't disrupt them. make sure you all go buy your bread and milk before it hits.

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