seven months of raph cooking

my wife and i went apple picking at jaswell's farm on a recent saturday for two things - 1) her seven month maternity shoot and 2) to pick apples. we ended up getting to the farm early in the morning and it turned out to be the first day they opened the apple picking area. i've never seen so many apples on the trees. usually we end up going in the middle to end of the season and you need a bucket truck and an oxygen mask to get the one apple left at the top of the tree. it was actually overwhelming to have so many apples to choose from. we could've done it with our eyes closed.

we took some shots while we were there and then we went to crescent park in east providence to hang out in the nice weather and so tara could ride the carousel (i wasn't allowed to because i had to take pictures). i liked a lot of the shots we got, i think this was our best little photoshoot yet.

i took this one and i love it. it's the background on my photo editing computer. tara doesn't like it too much. we don't usually like the same things for some reason. anyways, i like the shadow on the ground of the belly and how raph is written in the sand right near it. i wrote raph. i wish that was his name.

here's a few more shots. he's almost here, we're getting really excited.

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