senior deanna

deanna is a senior in the youth group at our church that tara and i work with. she's a senior this year and needed senior photos for her yearbook and whatnot.

she told me she wanted 'field pictures', so we headed up to a farm in cumberland, ri that my buddy hillary used to go and hang out at all the time when she lived nearby.

well, it fit the field description. wide open farmland, some rustic stone walls, and some totally beaten down barn structures to complete the package. we went to work around the property and tried out the different areas available.

i couldn't get her to do a shot on one of the unmanned tractors just sitting in the field. i guess i wouldn't want to be in my high school yearbook sitting on a tractor either. maybe i would. i don't know, i feel like high school was decades ago (it was only seven years ago for the record).

now that i'm thinking about it, this was the first senior photo session for blueflash. spread the word: blueflash does senior sessions. let me think of a promo deal... if anyone refers someone for a blueflash senior session, you can get fifty bucks off of your own. think of how many silly bands you could buy with that!

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