one guy in a roomful of girls

i had the opportunity to shoot nicole's shower one sunday afternoon and trying to preserve some memories for her. the shower was at the crowne plaza in warwick, ri.

when i showed up i was very pleased to find a naturally brightly lit room thanks to the translucent ceiling and strong outdoor sun. it was perfect, diffused, bright light and it was a pleasant surprise to not have to throw on my flash all day.

nicole is having a baby boy sometime before christmas rolls around. we've got some maternity shots scheduled for later in september down in the narragansett area that i'm looking forward to.

it was a bit strange to be at a one-hundred percent female event and being the only guy but everyone was very nice, including the grandma who encouraged me time and time again to have something to eat. i asked her if she was italian because that's what all the italian females in my family do - tell you to eat. then eat some more. then just have a little more. you don't want to offend them, do you?

stay tuned for the maternity shots popping up on the blog at the beginning of october. thanks for letting me a part of your event...

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