cara and chris and extreme heat

not too long ago i had an engagement session with cara and chris out in smithfield, ri. we had plans to meet at the smith appleby house which is 1) a historical home in smithfield with some nice grounds, and 2) the place where my wife and i got married a couple years back. upon pulling into the parking lot i discovered way more cars than just our two and a nice sinking feeling set in my stomach. i jumped out of the car and immediately investigated the situation with my stealth recon moves and found a group of people down by the dock area with a whole slew of kayaks on the ground.

we were in a race against the sun setting, so i decided to just make a go of it and take our chances at someone throwing us off the property. it ended up working out; the kayakers either barely noticed us or didn't care about us and eventually they disappeared down the river.

it was probably the world's hottest evening. i have to admit i was sweating like an animal (do animals sweat?). we actually only ended up shooting for an hour but we got plenty of shots. none of us could really take the heat for more than that so we made a collective decision to quit.

check out more shots from their shoot on the facebook page. best of luck to cara and chris as they get married in the next couple of months. thanks for hangin' out...

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