three weeks young

remember when you were three weeks old? me neither, but bet i ate a lot and slept a lot. now i only eat a lot. recently i did a shoot of elijah, a three week old baby. elijah was actually born three weeks prematurely, so he was roughly zero days old at the time of the shoot. it doesn't get much more 'newborn' than that.

babies are a lot different than adults. they fit in baskets, cry often, need to be fed every three minutes, fall asleep at random, and pretty much anything they do is considered 'cute'. they don't stand up, don't hold their own head up, don't talk, and don't take verbal instruction very well (i.e. tilt your head a little bit down, ok now just drop that elbow a bit, ok, can you wrap your index finger around the binky handle? great, perfect, ok don't move...). they are cool though, that's for sure.

taking photos of elijah made me even more anxious for my own kid to arrive (due on october 27th). my friend and fellow photographer karissa and i were talking the night before the shoot about how newborns look good in almost any situation - in baskets, on shelves, in cabinets, wrapped in blankets, asleep, awake, crying, laughing, whatever... sidenote - click on her name to get to her photography website, she does a great job with kids and maternity photos.

this shoot was at elijah's house (technically his parents own the house) out in connecticut way down route six. it's so awesome out there, especially compared to rhode island in the providence area and the suburbs. there's actually some land with trees and grass and no wal-mart or cvs on it.

ok i'm getting off topic, check out some more of the photos on the blueflash facebook page. say hi while you're there.

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